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First of all our view on SPAM. If you provide a service that is relevant to another service, or could enhance another company, or help promote it, is that spam? We consider spam to be emails like Viagra, bingo and poker sites, porno, I.D fraud, phishing email (people trying to steal from you), or repeated emails of nearly every day from the same people. The internet is a good source of information and we can all help each other on it, providing we do not go over board. My own personal view is that the law on spam should be re-viewed, as someone for example, who sends out the same email to many family members is classed as spam, however the word SPAM is explained below.

You may think spam is only in emails; however this is not the case. Search engines can see websites as spam too in keywords. If a website uses a key word too many times there is a good chance a search engine will see it as keyword spam, and that is not good for your rankings. has some good SEO tools to help you not over optimize your site. When a search engine looks at keywords it looks at title, Meta, and alt tags as well as the content on the page itself. So try not to use a keyword that is too excessive.

Email spamming. This can be very annoying. Many of us at some point will receive spam emails of the like of porn, scams, and even hackers. A lot of spam emails are advertising too, where the receiver of the email has not asked to receive it. Spam emailing is sending multiple emails of the same message. It can be considered that if you send too many of the same email content to emails that have not opted to receive your information, you can be spamming. The cost of spam is borne mostly by the recipient, so it is a form of postage due advertising. From the beginning of the Internet, sending of junk e-mail has been prohibited. A 2004 survey estimated that lost productivity costs Internet users in the United States 21.58 billion annually, while another reported the cost at 17 billion, up from 11 billion in 2003. The world-wide productivity cost of spam is estimated to be 50 billion. On a world-wide basis, the IT cost of dealing with spam was estimated to rise from 20.5 billion in 2003, to 198 billion by 2007. An estimate of the percentage cost borne by the sender of marketing junk mail (snail mail) is 88%; the percent cost borne by the sender of junk e-mail is 0.01%, with the recipient paying the rest.

Each of internet service providers (ISPs) have their own terms and conditions on the sending of emails, and if you are reported as spamming you can have your website removed, your internet connection terminated, and you could even be taken to court. You can also help to stop the spread of spam here.

No more SPAM

The image above takes you to a site all about spam emails, where you can also report spam and read in more detail about it.

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