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We have decided to use this page to give you some free information about extra features you could place into your website. This page will also contain interesting internet news that we receive in our emails. So as we find extra good information you can use for your websites and webpages we will place that info here, so please give checking this page for changes.
Interesting internet News
We will change interesting news above as we receive it. Below you can find interesting webpage features.

Have you ever wanted to know how to make your website fade in and fade out. This bit of code shows you how. The first text box shows you how to place the code you need into your html code.

The second box shows you the different effects you can have.
One final beauty to using the <META> tag to display transitions is that browsers that do not support transitions simply ignore it. If you browse a page that contains the <META> tag for transitions with Netscape Navigator, it simply ignores the <META> tag and the transition does not occur. The page displays fineno problem.

Want to know how we stop the right click on your mouse? Place the code in the text box to the left into your <head> tag. Unfortunately you will have to write this code down on paper because we have this effect on this page to show you.
If you find anything you feel might be worth sharing with others let us know about it and we will post it here. If you have anything you want to know we will post that here too. CLICK HERE to add info or ask questions on this page. FAQ
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