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We believe one great way of driving free traffic to your sites is through these traffic websites below. We have test run loads of traffic sites and below is our top 6 sites starting with our most favourate traffic sites. The first two sites pay you money to manual surf. You can sign up to any of these sites for free, so click on a banner here to start your marketing today!
EasyHit4U. Popular 1:1 Traffic Exchange
1:1 exchange rate, 5 levels referral program, over 100,000 members, Receive cash for active surfing ($0.30 for 1000 sites viewed), Geo Targeting of your ads, "Top Surfer" bonus every day, 50 free credits on sign-up (after you surf 50 sites), Promote your site with unlimited banners, Site listing in our directory.
Smiley Traffic. SmileyTraffic
10 sec timer, manual and automatic surfing and earn money surfing every 100 sites from this site and from your referals, websites, banner and text ads, 4 referral levels, over 38,000 members. Look out for the credit and cash reward text links under the timer while surfing. Also look out for the paid to click link, which gets refreshed every month, you can earn cash and credits there too.

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Traffic Co-Op.
Unlimited surfing, 500 free sign up credits, 10 sec timer, 1:1 surf ratio, 5 websites, 5 banners and 5 hotlinks, 1000 referral bonus credits, 5 referral levels, credits lottery and competions. The best traffic site for building credits.
20 second timer, credit lottery, earn from your referals, 5 referral levels, over 30,000 members.
Other traffic sites you might want to try are.

Natural traffic from search engines is the most cost effective way of promoting your services online. Page rank on your main page is of the highest importance on the net. The higher the page rank the more chance of showing in the first pages, when customers keyword in search engines. Have this thought! When someone looks in search engines with a keyword relevant to your service, that is a paying customer looking for your product. Yes you can drive traffic to your site for free in traffic sites, however remember time is money and traffic sites take a lot of your time. Plus 98% of other traffic site users are not looking for your service; they are mainly just looking for credits too, to promote their services. You can help drive paying customers to your site and sign up FREE TODAY or look above for other free traffic help if you just want to carry on surfing for credits.
Whichever you choose we wish you GOOD LUCK.

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